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Pistachio is a place where every food is a story to unravel. A dish is more than just a meal you eat. The plate teases you with gorgeous colors and textures, making it so appetising and not just insta-worthy. Each bite will introduce you to a new realm of exploration because our chef will always put an element of surprise in every menu. Moreover, they stay true to the food’s characteristics and flavor. No added preservatives or taste enhancers. For this, we rely on the spices and culinary inspirations from every corner of Indonesia. We promise you, Pistachio is like no other.

Crumble mixed berry tart with candied pistachio, poached pear, coconut cream and vanilla ice cream

Crispy bacon, leafy greens, tomato & avocado salsa, crispy sweet corn fritters, roasted beetroot puree, poached eggs, crispy hash brown potato, guacamole.

Tequila, triple sec and lime juice. Choice flavour of strawberry, peach or mango